Thursday, June 5, 2008


Discover, Learn, Play is a place for music learners to keep up with the inner workings of, its staff and occasionally, the strange and wonderful happenings on 'campus' at The Dallas School of Music, Inc. in Carrollton, Texas. You will also find GREAT information on how to best approach learning a musical instrument, and the latest news and commentary on the state of music education. (You'll soon learn we have no shortage of opinions on the topic!).

Our blog journey begins in June of 2008 but the school dates to 1992 and MusickEd can trace its origins back to 1998 when everyone it seemed, was scrambling to get a product online. We on the other hand, being the thoughtful artists/musicians that we are, took over 7 years to design, write, edit, develop, build and publish the product that is now being used all over the world.