Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, What a Wonderfully Tangled Blogosphere!

This wonderful blogosphere where one thing seems to lead to another in a long and interesting succession of winding roads full of like candy to me. I love how one post or a comment might lead to others with many points of view from fascinating people all inter-connected by silicon and thought.

I have my Google e-mail set to alert me to any blog that mentions 'music education' and I'd say they get it right about 85% of the time. And even when they get it wrong, I find something fun or funny to peruse. A day rarely goes past that I am not simply amazed by the amount of material written or referencing the subject of music education. Some good, some awful, most all interesting - at least to me. One such 'alert' caught my eye this morning, it read simply :

Music Education
By Don Berg(Don Berg)
Here's a music lesson that everyone can learn from:
Attitutor Blog -

This lead to
Don Berg's blog called the Attitutor (great term!) and one of the first things that caught my eye under his cheery picture was the word 'Teacherpreneur' (another great term!). I was instantly jealous and wished I had come with both of these on my own! I think perhaps these may spawn a future blog - thanks and Kudo's to Don :)

Don's post from October 25 features yet another remarkable video from the TED series; this time by Maestro Benjamin Zander. Some of you might remember my post from July 16th, 2008 that featured a TED presentation by Sir Kenneth Robinson. The Zander clip is equally as engaging and fascinating.

I am always moved by someone who is passionate about what they do irregardless of the subject. If they are also blessed with the ability to convey and articulate their passion (as is Ben Zander), I will watch and listen with little chance of my ADD rearing its wonderful head. Maestro Zander is obviously passionate about music and I hope you'll take the time to watch his presentation. Enjoy!