Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are You Still Winding Your Metronome?

Every generation needs to come to grips with the reality that some new ideas may in fact just be better than the status quo. In music (and in particular, music education) we often go kicking and screaming reluctantly into the future with gnashed teeth and angst. 

Come on, admit it.  You still think that wind up metronomes are better than the new, digital varieties.

And how many parents cringe when they hear their kids' music? 

You grew up listening to 80's hair band rock and your Woodstock parents hated it. You listened to 50's Rock and Roll, and your Big Band era parents hated it. And on it goes...

One way or another though, each generation learns to accept, adopt , and utilize new ideas for the better of all.

If you're teaching (or learning) music with outdated materials and are bored with the same old method books...


If you or your students are losing interest ...

We have something new for you.

You can instantly bring your studio up to date by using  Discover, Learn, and Play.  It's the only 'cloud based' music method that comes with full support from a team of professional educators;  and they're the folks who actually developed the product.  Try that with the method book you're currently using!

Quality material and a proven 'process' for learning makes The Kore Series a solid choice for your next music curriculum.  There are 20 Lessons available for 39 instruments including mallet instruments, guitar, and keyboards. 

And hey,  we know that some old school ideas do remain valid, so we'll teach you to actually READ music and understand theory.  We'll even quiz you on musical concepts and ear training as well. But you won't be learning Old MacDonald or Twinkle-Twinkle, you'll be playing original songs with amazing background tracks.

We know that today's savvy learners want information in ways that they have become accustom - and that's digital delivery and 24/7 access for starters. So ask your teacher if they're using The Kore Series and if not, why not?
Individual memberships start at just $9.95 per month. Group memberships are also available.

Welcome to Discover, Learn and Play. Let's get started!