Monday, December 5, 2011

Digital Learning is Here to Stay


If music is truly a universal language then we 
as music educators have an amazing opportunity 
to reach learners of all levels according to 
these 2011 statistics. This graph shows 
percentages of internet usage per population 
in various areas of the world. 

it's no wonder why folks like Tom Vander Ark 
are keen about investing in Digital Learning 
programs. Tom's Getting Smart is a site focused 
on innovations in learning with primary emphasis 
at the K-12 learner, but they also explore 
informal, early, and adult learning as well.  

From the Getting Smart site: "We are optimistic 
about the potential of connecting more young 
people to the idea economy through personal 
digital learning. Getting Smart is a community 
of people passionate about learning and helping 
others learn."

Music ed. programs take note. Our future music 
teachers need more training in non-traditional 
classroom teaching/learning with a special 
emphasis on digital technologies.  Reaching 
this huge and growing market can provide 
far-reaching support for musical arts organizations, 
music retailers, performers, and yes, even in-school 
music programs. The global educational landscape is 
changing and we need to be proactive about the 
future of our profession. This is an opportunity 
that needs to be seized. Let's not be the last 
profession to the dance!