Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DLP Initiative - Saving Music, 1 Group at a Time!

We have enjoyed sharing the Kore Series with individual enthusiasts from all over the world. It's exciting to have an international community of music learners logging in and making their way through our lessons on any of 39 instruments. There are glockenspiel players in Norway, clarinetists in the UK, and saxophonists in Saudi Arabia accessing the Kore Series and discovering, learning, and playing music. It is truly humbling!   

This year we are rolling out a new initiative that allows single 'owners' to essentially 'license' the Kore Series of lessons to any number of users in their community for one low, monthly fee.  The benefits of this program are noteworthy and many.  Here are just a few:

1. Public and private schools can offer this unique curriculum to all of their students, staff, and families to enhance their current program or begin a new program.

2. Retail stores can add value and loyalty by providing access to the Kore Series curriculum to anyone who purchases an instrument.

3. Private music studios can make the Kore Series available to their teachers and students to help retention rates.

4. Churches can provide a music learning program for all families as well as members of their music ministry.

5. Home-schoolers can access a quality music learning program and connect to a global community of learners.

6. Instant access to a state-of-the-art learning program, sort of a 'high-tech method book' that comes complete with video how-to's, original songs, amazing play alongs and support.

So what does an owner get for this introductory rate of $20 per month? 

Unlimited access to all 39 instruments and 20 Lessons of the Kore Series along with the support of professional music educators available 24/7!

Personalized forums for your group to share successes and post questions.

Access to our secure global community of users via social networks that include: The Discover, Learn, Play blog, twitter and facebook pages, the MusickEd youtube channel and more.

Visit our site for more info and get instant access for your group!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Where Are They Now? Part 2

It's hard to believe it, but DSM will be celebrating 20 years in 2012. Over that time we have worked with literally thousands of students from all over the DFW metroplex.  Many have become friends and some even consider us part of their extended families. In recent years we began seeing sons and daughters of former students which means - we're getting really old! It has been an incredible journey.

As we embark on a new 'global' phase of the school with and Discover, Learn, and Play, we thought we'd take a look back and catch up with a few students to see what they were up to and ask what they remember about their time at DSM.  

Nicholas Sanchez studied both guitar and piano as a teenager at DSM. Although he moved away from Dallas, we have remained in touch over the years.  Now he is grown and has his own wonderful family.  Thanks for sharing your story Nico!

Is there anything in particular that you remember about DSM? Any specific event, or occurrence? 

I remember DSM in two ways - once during grade and high-school, and again after college.  Both times for me it was a wonderful escape - a different type of focus and creativity where I could put aside school and/or work, and spend time focused on learning the instrument.  

I was probably one of DSM's most unprepared or unpracticed students, but I sincerely valued the times where most of my musical learning was packed into my weekly lessons with really smart, interesting, and fun teachers that could work with my "loose" goals.  

One year, I even encouraged my future wife to take lessons there so she could focus on a violin piece she was learning.  It was really fun to hear and see her progress and participate with DSM.

Tell us what you're doing now and what your plans are for the next year or so. 
I am living in Sacramento with my wife Stephany and my brand new son, Gabriel!  I work for a software company but my passions are my brand new little family, cooking, and of course, listening and playing music.  It is my goal that Gabriel grow up with music in his blood and that instruments become his toys of choice. 

Is music part of your everyday life?

I play the piano and guitar a little less than before, but this will certainly be picking up again as it is something I want my son to grow up around.  Since moving to California, my wife and I became part of a small ensemble called "Delirium Tremens"... yup, medical people! We jam every once in a while and we have played the UC Davis Internal Medicine graduation for the last two years, and we're expected to play again this year.  Last year I was vocals and guitar, yikes!

Music is a major part of my life especially via my family on my mom's side, and on my wife's side.  We want to make sure this is a central theme for our young family as well.  I used to want to record music, but then, for me, it got in the way of just playing.

Thanks Nicholas and best to you and your new family! Be sure to stop in and say hello if you get back to Dallas - we'd love to see you.