Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Choose and Instrument

On June 23 with tongue placed firmly in cheek, we decided to have some fun on Twitter with a series called ‘How to Choose and Instrument”. Upon our very first ‘tweet’ the replies and guffaws started coming in and before long the re-tweets began circling the globe.

Many responses were positive and we even got a few ‘OMG that is soooo spot on!’ messages. The series spanned 3 days and we only heard one grumble – from a French Horn player (figures!). Note: see below, we've likely been ‘un-followed’. PS -if you really want to know what we said about banjo, shoot us an e-mail.  :)

These tweets were meant to be funny folks and in no way a sweeping generalization of all musicians.  After-all, I even poked fun at myself as a saxophonist; Lord knows we bear the brunt of many inside music jokes.

Here is the entire list – find your instrument, find yourself, find a friend and enjoy!

How to choose an instrument:

Did you have a beard in 8th grade? Have you ever worn sneakers with a suit? You may enjoy Double Bass

Asked for a bike and got skates? Asked for a car and got a bike? You may enjoy Glockenspiel
When you hear 'Heard it Through the Grapevine" do you clap on beats 1 and 3? You may enjoy Violin

Do you enjoy minutia? Complete Sudoku or NY Times crosswords in pen? Oboe might be for you

Did you buy an i-pad1 a week before the i-pad2 was released? You may enjoy the Synthesizer

Straight A's, Honor Society, Valedictorian and still not prom queen? You might enjoy the Flute

Do you have a bumper sticker that says 'My other car is a Porsche'? Try Bass Guitar

Are you competitive?... even when there's no apparent contest being played? Try the Trumpet

Do the sounds of a blender or a distant lawn mower tug at your heartstrings? You may enjoy Alto Sax

Do you often looked surprised, even when you sleep? You may be a natural for Clarinet

Were you the last kid chosen for the cross country team? Try Baritone Sax

Are you soft spoken, shy, reserved, and can really hold a grudge? French Horn may be for you

Do you keep more than one un-sharpened pencil on your desk? Try Percussion

If you take more than 3 seconds to answer 'boxers or briefs?' Try Jazz Guitar

Do you think a bicycle has one too many wheels? Try English Horn

Do you consider shoes... or clothes that fit properly optional? Try Trombone

Are you a pro at 'whack-a-mole'? Try Marimba

Have you always wanted to make ships in bottle? Try Bassoon

Do you feel your intellect far surpasses that of anyone you know? Viola may be for you

Do you enjoy long periods of quiet contemplation followed by bombastic bursts of energy? Try Percussion

Can you read 2 books at the same time, one with each eye? We suggest Piano

Phish bumper sticker? Still don't own a cell phone? Have whittled within the past 3 years? You may enjoy Fiddle

Thanks for all the great feedback on twitter. Now choose one and let's get started! goo.gl/DdFx0