Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music Education Carnival for September

The September edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival has been posted and is hosted by Amy Burns of the Elementary Music/Music Technology Blog. For those of you newbies, be sure to read Nancy Flanagan's Five Things I'd Change in Music Education (or anything else she writes on her blog!), and a really interesting post that finds common ground between the Olympics and Music Education called Lessons Learned from Michael Phelps by Travis Weller.

There's something for everyone here - enjoy!

  1. Amy M. Burns: “Top 10 Reasons I Like Teaching Elementary General Music” from Elementary Music/Music Technology.
  2. Eugene Cantera: “1, 2, 3 and the beat goes on….!” from Discover, Learn, Play.
  3. Nancy Flanagan: “FIVE THINGS I’D CHANGE IN MUSIC EDUCATION” from Teacher in a Strange Land.
  4. Patricia Gavins, submitted by Sarah Scrafford: “Open Courseware v. Online Universities: Is Self Study Right for You?” from Online Universities.com.
  5. Paul Heingarten: “Private Lessons are Important” from Music and Band.
  6. Joel: “New Classroom Rule: Don’t Talk To Me” from So You Want To Teach?
  7. Heather Johnson: “The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing” from VARC Blog.
  8. Miles Moen: “The Necessities of Life » Pandora.com” from The Necessities of Life.
  9. Graham Rutherford: “Do You Really Want a Record Deal?” from Music Business Strategies.
  10. Travis J. Weller: “Lessons learned from Michael Phelps” from Composing Like Mad.
  11. Thomas J. West: “Who’s Running This Show? The Body/Mind Ego and How It Affects Your Results” from Thomas J. West Music.
  12. Theresa White: “When Technology Blocks Technology” from Education in Music.