Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Music Education Carnival for September

The September edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival has been posted and is hosted by Amy Burns of the Elementary Music/Music Technology Blog. For those of you newbies, be sure to read Nancy Flanagan's Five Things I'd Change in Music Education (or anything else she writes on her blog!), and a really interesting post that finds common ground between the Olympics and Music Education called Lessons Learned from Michael Phelps by Travis Weller.

There's something for everyone here - enjoy!

  1. Amy M. Burns: “Top 10 Reasons I Like Teaching Elementary General Music” from Elementary Music/Music Technology.
  2. Eugene Cantera: “1, 2, 3 and the beat goes on….!” from Discover, Learn, Play.
  3. Nancy Flanagan: “FIVE THINGS I’D CHANGE IN MUSIC EDUCATION” from Teacher in a Strange Land.
  4. Patricia Gavins, submitted by Sarah Scrafford: “Open Courseware v. Online Universities: Is Self Study Right for You?” from Online Universities.com.
  5. Paul Heingarten: “Private Lessons are Important” from Music and Band.
  6. Joel: “New Classroom Rule: Don’t Talk To Me” from So You Want To Teach?
  7. Heather Johnson: “The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing” from VARC Blog.
  8. Miles Moen: “The Necessities of Life » Pandora.com” from The Necessities of Life.
  9. Graham Rutherford: “Do You Really Want a Record Deal?” from Music Business Strategies.
  10. Travis J. Weller: “Lessons learned from Michael Phelps” from Composing Like Mad.
  11. Thomas J. West: “Who’s Running This Show? The Body/Mind Ego and How It Affects Your Results” from Thomas J. West Music.
  12. Theresa White: “When Technology Blocks Technology” from Education in Music.


Robbie Van Winkle said...

GREAT list! (at least from topics and some initial perusing [sp?]) Look forward to reading them all.

Amy M. Burns said...

Thanks for posting the carnival. Please note that there are actually 16 posts in this carnival. The additional four are from David French, Richard McCready, Joe Pisano, and Erinn Wobel. You can see all 16 posts at http://amymburns.musiced.net/2008/09/01/3rd-edition-of-the-music-education-blog-carnival/


MusickEd.com said...

Thanks Amy!