Thursday, June 10, 2010

Local Reporter Visits DSM/MusickEd

Reporter James Roth paid a visit to DSM/MusickEd  today to follow up on the Toni Vogel story. You may recall Toni is one of our students with MS.  James will be doing a feature about Toni and her husband Steve and how music, DSM and MusickEd have helped her cope with her diagnosis.   

I gave James a quick tour of the school (that's he and I mugging it up in the picture),  and introduced him to Mr. Finkel where he got a preview listen to a few minutes of a bossa nova tune from the upcoming Jazz Series.  Afterward we met Toni for a little Q and A. 

She talked about her history, how her diagnosis had affected her life and how her sessions at DSM have helped her to re-connect.  Toni is passionate about sharing her story with other MS patients in hopes that music might help them as it has her.

We also talked about the Kore curriculum, the evolution of the software and some of the other fantastic students we have locally here at DSM and globally at  It didn't take very  much prompting for Toni to perform for James even though she has been studying for less than a year.  We met Steve in the recital hall where he talked about how playing music together is a dream come true.  

It was easy to see how much Steve enjoys making music with Toni and how proud he is of her progress. They played a few ditties and we said our goodbyes - actually, Toni gave James a big hug.  We'll have a link to the article as soon as it runs!