Monday, August 23, 2010

MusickEd Welcomes St. Ann Parish, Coppell Texas

St. Ann Parish is a vibrant Catholic community of over 28,000 members located in Coppell, Texas. The music ministry is led by Curtis Stephan, an accomplished musician, composer and performer and includes a 100+ member adult choir, a Spanish praise group, and a contemporary ensemble that performs for youth masses and events.

Members of the St. Ann music ministry recently met with Dr. Bob Lawrence, president of and got a Kore Series Curriculum primer. Bob began the presentation by saying "This is not a magic bullet, it's real music education and it does require work.  But it is an awesome curriculum and most of all, it's fun!"  

Director Curtis Stephan said, "I have been in music a long time and I looked carefully through the lessons. It will be great for all of us to be speaking the same language as we rehearse in the upcoming months. I know everyone is excited to get started and I am looking forward to hearing their progress."

The group felt like it was important to continue their sense of community online so we created a password protected area in our forums. This allows St. Ann users to share their stories, document their progress, and offer encouragement to fellow members.  

Welcome to all of you from the faculty and staff of and happy learning! 

Read more about our group rates and visit Discover, Learn and Play to see the Kore Series.