Monday, August 9, 2010

Kore Series - Group Pricing

In recent weeks several groups, schools, and school districts have expressed interest in adopting the Kore Series curriculum for their members and students.   To that end we have established special academic or 'group' pricing for as little as $1 per student (or member) per month.  

The benefits include access to all 20 lessons in the Kore Series, quizzes with ear-training, our patented note finding systems, original songs and play-alongs, forums, webinars, free support and more.

Large private studios, civic organizations and church groups can monitor and encourage each other via the forums and once completed, quiz results can be printed and turned in so teachers can assign and check progress. Lessons can be accessed from any computer or device with internet so learning can take place 'on campus' or at home.

In a time when budgets for music are shrinking or have already been eliminated, the Kore Series offers a legitimate music education learning program to help fill the void. 

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