Thursday, November 19, 2009

Technology and Teaching

In case you haven't realized by now, let me make it blatantly obvious. We are big believers in the power of technology! That is why I jumped at the chance to connect with Scott Ashby via WebEx and be part of an online discussion with teachers from around the world.

Scott is an independent music educator from Ontario, Canada and is owner of Ashby Musical Enterprises (that's music to our ears!). His venture provides music products and services with an emphasis on Canadian traditional church music and general music education. Scott has also created an online Theory Course designed specifically to support the Royal Conservatory of Music certificate program.

I think our paths first crossed through a blog or blog post and from there, Scott was kind enough to invite me to join the discussion at the Music Teacher Cafe. The first 'meeting' took place on Wednesday afternoon November 16th with the general topic being 'the value of collaboration between disciplines in the music education profession'. That's like asking a roomful of people what 'jazz' is.

Even though there were just a few of us chatting for about an hour, the dialogue managed to cover
a wide array of topics including El Sistema, the value of group lessons, and even teachers being too narrow minded in their approach. It was a hearty conversation and it was particularly interesting to hear the views of other educators who are working outside of the traditional classroom.

I encourage you to check out the Music Teacher Cafe and join our next conversation. I believe Scott has scheduled the 2nd 'meeting' to take place on Wednesday, December 16th. Logging in is a snap, and the few technological issues we all had did not limit anyone's ability to participate. Hope to see you there!