Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What if all instruments came with a great curriculum and 24 hour help?

Does this sound like you?

You are into music and thinking about learning an instrument. You weren't a band geek in high school but you do enjoy jazz so maybe the saxophone strikes your fancy? You like old 70's rock so maybe guitar or electric bass is the way to go? You cracked up at Will Farrell in Anchorman but thought that 'yazz flute' actually 'really sounded pretty cool'! That's it! You've made up your mind... now off you go to your local music dealer.

The bright lights and shiny instruments beckon. You plunk a few notes as you walk past the demo keyboard. Walls of cool extras and rows of sheet music give you pause but you press on.

'Which one do I choose? Do I rent or purchase?'

You finally find a salesman and start asking questions and soon realize that whichever one you choose, you are still days, if not weeks and maybe months, away from making music. Who will show me how to put it together? Where do my fingers go? Can anyone help me? Is this a futile endeavor? AHHHH!

Now imagine you could purchase or rent an instrument that included a full music curriculum along with 24 hour educational support. Talk about a 'no-brainer'! And how is that for added value?!

Impossible you say? That would take one visionary company, an amazing team of educators and possibly the foresight of...gulp...instrument manufacturers and distributors. Ha Ha Ha! Like that will ever happen!

Well, laugh all ya want, but we're not kidding. MusickEd.com is positioning itself to make this (and much more) a possibility for any shrewd instrument manufacturer or local dealer who wants to separate themselves from the pack. Heck, we're even open to the idea of Yahoo or Google or even Best Buy coming aboard. Our software program and support is poised to change the course of music education as we know it and it can be attached to any instrument rented or sold more easily and economically than any freebie DVD.

Now, we're not talking about reaching the 'El-Hi band, choir and orchestra programs' or 'saving the music'. If all goes well, they will benefit when the time is right. We're talking about making world class music education services and support available to anyone with a laptop and an instrument.

We're talking to you Mr. and Mrs. 20 Something gen-googler with an IPod and a hankering for solid, well delivered information.

We're talking to the same group of people who are inspired by Food Network - not to become chefs mind you, but to simply try Giada's Roasted Chicken with Balsamic Vinegrette recipe this weekend.

We want to reach you Mr. Golf Digest Magazine - you couldn't qualify as a caddie but that doesn't stop you from trying to improve your game each week.

And what about you Ms. Weekend Gardener? We know you'd love nothing more than to sit among your magnificent Lady Banks Roses or Kaffir Lillies and serenade them sweetly with your oboe!

Does this even exist in music? It sure does. And it's right here at MusickEd.com. Sit back and take the tour of our program and be sure to follow us on Twitter so you can stay up to date on the latest news and product releases.