Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Music Means to Me

One of the neat things about The Dallas School of Music, Inc. is the ever changing landscape that emerges seemingly out of nowhere and on a daily basis. This includes changes to both the workload (after all, we are a market driven endeavor!) and our actual physical space. You never know who or what will appear on any given day.

Over the years DSM has hosted events including; a performance by Jim Brickman (sponsored by Alfred Publishing), a show by the St. Ambrose a cappella vocal ensemble, and even the crew of Barney that filmed video segments about music and children. Our faculty have performed countless concerts and our students have played even more recitals, Holiday Showcases and senior center programs.

Of the non-musical eve
nts held at DSM, some of the coolest by far are visual art related. We've hosted solo shows and large Art Festivals that featured works of all kinds by as many as 20 local and regional artists and artisans at a time. And it turns out that our main lobby, recital hall and studio hallways are nicely lit and provide ample wall space for these gallery-like events.

Our latest installment features photographs by Richard Rejino. Some of you who are local to the DFW area may know Richard from his affiliation with Pender's Music . Others may know him as a former president of RPMDA (Retail Print Music Dealers Association). Richard has combined his passions for music and photography into a project called What Music Means to Me which 'celebrates the value of music in education and in the quality of life'.

Richard's subjects range from high school aged musicians to senior enthusiasts. They were asked to relate how music or the arts has changed or positively affected their lives. As part of the project, candidates composed a personal statement that describes what music (or their art form) means to them.

We are fortunate to have six of these photographs and their accompanying essays showcased in our lobby at DSM. You can see all of the photos and learn more about Richard's projects at his website or contact him directly at rrejinophotography@me.com.