Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unplugged at

Kirk Baker "Unplugged"
Our Lesson Support video production continues on campus at DSM/  The process is running smoothly and we are confident that the results are in keeping with the overall style and philosophy of our curriculum. We present terrific information and content with little if any 'fluff'.

Here's the process we use with all performers:

The studio looks a bit like the set of 'unplugged'.  The backdrop and lighting, volume, and acoustics have been set to be consistent from video to video. The performer hears the actual play along through ear-buds so only the purest sound of each instrument is recorded into the Rode Podcaster microphone. A relatively simple Logitech webcam captures the entire process.

Next, the video is imported into Camtasia Studio (by TechSmith) and synced up with the actual mp3 play-along. This process keeps all the nuances of each performance in tact (dynamics, articulations, breathing, phrasing etc.) while creating a clear separation for the final product. 

Emphasis is placed both on capturing the musical concepts that are presented in each song as well as instrument specific characteristics such as embouchure, fingering, bowing, hand position etc. Careful attention is placed on framing each performance so that the end user gets a clear sense of these techniques used relative to their chosen instrument.

Click here for a sample video from the Kore Series - Lesson 3, A New Twist 2, - cello.