Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2 MusickEd News Flash(es)

News Flash!

The Dallas School of Music, Inc. is expecting one of its biggest Fall Semesters in the 16 year history of the school. This is a testament to the entire DSM team and a great community of music enthusiasts in the North Dallas area. The school is welcoming several new faculty members to handle the increased demand. We'll do a blog feature on some of our awesome staff members in the upcoming months... so stay tuned.

Our other 'passion', is also experiencing rapid growth and exciting times lie ahead as we are in negotiations on a deal with a major retailer. We'll keep you posted! This will be a 'first of its kind', groundbreaking partnership between music retail and music education enterprises.

The MusickEd software itself is undergoing a massive overhaul in both layout and design. Because our product is internet (html) based, we are able to work 'behind the scenes' and make any and all updates instantly available to our users as they are completed. Current work includes re-formatting the content and layout of the worksheets, editing all quizzes and changing the interface so that each section of the software can be accessed from a single 'page'. Our users spoke and we listened!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing through one of the original tunes from our forthcoming Jazz Series. Mike Finkel has put together a terrific Ellington-esque medium tempo ballad stressing the concepts of major and minor 7th chords. Be sure to keep checking back for an exact release date of the Jazz Series due sometime in early '09.

Stay cool!