Thursday, November 3, 2011

And the winner is.....

We have a winner!  
The EasyEarTraining contest is over and we have a winner. After gathering names from our facebook, twitter, and blog pages, we decided to have a 'DSM bowl-a-thon' to find the last cup standing.  

1. We printed the names off and sliced them into individual pieces.

2. Then placed each name in a paper cup.

3. Next, we set them up for 5 hotly contested rounds of elimination bowling. 

4. First up, Eugene the "Big Bocce" Cantera...with sort of a Greco-Roman wrestler's approach.

5. Followed by Gary "Fleet Foot" Feltner. Those tango classes have sure come in handy.

...and finally, 

6. Mike "Quisenberry" Finkel in smashing sidearm form sends a wicked slider down the lane.

7. We've reached the final 2 names as "Flames Finkel" fires one just wide...

8. ...but wait!   On the carom, a single cup remains...

9...and the winner is... Kathey Woolsey Lites! 
Commence Rocky Theme...

Congratulations Kathy! 
We will be in touch to get your Free EasyEarTraining App on its way!