Monday, March 11, 2013

We Can Use Your Help!

See these smiling faces?  It's why we do what we do at DSM and dlp.  And we are asking for your help to spread the word about our dlp Music Outreach program so these smiling faces can turn into thousands of other smiling faces all over the world. 

The picture was taken at our 'Musicking' event on Saturday, March 2.  It's where we invite adult students of DSM to perform in a relaxed, cafe-like atmosphere. There are no programs, 'concert attire' is not required, and each performer volunteers when they are ready.  The wine and cheese table helps set the perfect casual mood for students to share their talents and personal stories with friends, family, and staff.  We believe this falls right in line with philosopher Christopher Small's ideas and what 'music' is really all about: 

"...that music is not a thing, but rather an activity.  "Musicking" is a verb that encompasses all musical activity from composing to performing to listening to a Walkman to singing in the shower. "

The 'musicking' philosophy has been a mainstay at DSM and the online community at dlp as well.  It is with this same spirit that we launched the dlp outreach program so that under-served people around the world can experience the joy of musicking for themselves. Here are some non-profit organizations who provide arts related programs for under-served families that we are currently working with. They are in areas close to home like Dallas and Austin Texas as well as far off places like Seattle, Los Angeles, Haiti, and the UK:

Youth Uprising, Bahama Village Music Program, First Note, Kids for Coltrane, Free Arts for Abused Kids, Dare to Dream Foundation, Little Kids Rock, BLUME Haiti, One World Theatre, Music Heals, Ear Candy and more.  

So this is where YOU come in!  

We'd love for you to share dlp with your friends, students, colleagues, and communities. Every new dlp membership allows us to continue our outreach work and in turn provides access to free music learning materials to those who's lives might benefit most. If you know of any non-profit groups that help change lives via the arts, please share our info with them or contact us here.

If we can