Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The new year is upon us with all of its hope and promise. We have set a robust deadline of May 23rd to complete the new MusickEd.com Kore Series. The interface is slicker, the content more sharply designed, the inner workings and production of the software all streamlined and much improved.

So now we embark on the task of migrating data into the new format as well as creating, editing and producing the 'support' information that resides outside of the software. This includes writing and editing support text and producing videos for 39 instruments (times 20 lessons that have 9 songs each).

The new format will make future MusickEd software such as the Jazz Series, Polka Series (just kidding) or Childrens Series much simpler to produce as the framework remains the same from series to series.

Kudos to the 'big cheese' for the vision and tenacity to put this framework in place!

Rock on...