Monday, June 30, 2008

Software Updates

It's an exciting time at DSM and! Since the launch of our Discovery Series in December of '07, we have been working to overhaul the design interface and navigation of the software. We're confident that the information in our series is world class, but we are constantly striving to improve the functionality for our users. It's why online publishing and real time editing works well for us. As soon as our updates are published, everyone gets instant access to the new material. There's no re-printing, re-shipping or re-ordering... we're keeping it green!

The updated interface will make it easier for users to move from section to section within each lesson. This keeps the learning process simple and creates a smooth flow of information throughout the series. Users get into the groove of repeating a simple 3 step process of Discovering, Learning and Playing.
You bloggers out there will be the first to get a sneak peek at the new look so stay tuned.

We are also working on a Jazz Series to compliment our core (Kore) series. We're fortunate to have Dan Haerle on staff to add his amazing jazz education expertise. Dan is
a well known author and retired member of the Jazz Studies Division at the University of North Texas. He has recorded many Jamey Aebersold play-alongs and is an active jazz clinician both nationally and internationally.

The new series is a concept driven, sequential approach to learning jazz language, rhythms, melody and improvisation. As you can see, resident composer Mike Finkel is hard at work creating original songs and fully orchestrated play-alongs with blues, bossa nova, funk, swing styles and more. As with all of our material, the jazz series will be available for all instruments including voice. Be sure to subscribe to this blog for updates as they occur. The scheduled launch for the first lesson in this series is later this year!

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Nico said...

hey Mike and everyone!!! Very cool... I'm interested in how the jazz series turns out, I might have to get in on this! I hope all is well!!