Thursday, March 11, 2010

We'll Take It From Here!

The latest entry to blur the lines between 'real' and 'fantasy' guitar playing comes from game developer Seven45 Studios and their partnership with First Act guitars. Power Gig: Rise of the SixString uses a more realistic guitar controller and whatdya know....six real guitar strings!

'The game is adventure based, and part of the storyline includes teaching you how to tune yourself and change your own guitar strings'

That's a good start as far as we at can see, but even the makers like to point out
that 'this is not an education game: it’s not designed to teach you how to play the guitar'. One reviewer who recently got a sneak peek says 'As interesting as the idea is, a lot can still go wrong. With any rhythm game, if the input isn't accurate 100 percent of the time, you'll quickly be left frustrated. And the more complex the controller becomes, the more things can potentially go wrong. Getting into a real instrument involves a lot more than just picking up a piece of plastic and strumming...'

Hey....First Act and Seven45 Studios, we want to let you know that has an entire curriculum in place and we can take it from here! Thanks for moving an entire generation one step closer to pursuing true music education.
We know they'll be looking for great content online and not some salty former long-hair to show them 'licks' in his trailer. Whatya say we partner up?? Rock on!

Read a full Power Gig review here.

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