Monday, April 19, 2010

As you know, we are huge fans of people using technology to advance a cause or to promote great products. Extra kudos go to anyone even remotely associated with music education. The D'Addario Company, suppliers of all sorts of musical accessories, is doing a really nice job of giving users some great web content and using all sorts of media outlets to reach (and maintain) their customers.

As a longtime user of LaVoz reeds, I appreciate the Rico e-mail newsletter with links to the MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and even the Rico Blog pages. There is a ton of content to peruse with a little something for all musicians and enthusiasts regardless of your chosen instrument or genre.

Check out the new reed cases and sax straps (where was this cool stuff when I was in junior high?). Anyway, we hope to lure these guys into advertising at because we think their products rock and our users would enjoy their online presence...consider this a shameless plug to get the ball rolling!

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