Saturday, June 5, 2010

Student Spotlight - Pam Johnson

Pam Johnson, a former high school and college trumpeter, decided to resume music lessons after years of self imposed exile.

"I decided to try something challenging" she says with a laugh, "so I chose french horn. I've really  missed having music in my life".  

Pam has been studying at DSM and using the MusickEd curriculum for just over month.  She began with the Discovery Series but is anxious to start using the Kore Series this week.  "The new software looks great and seems a little easier to navigate."  

Because of her previous musical background she is already in Lesson 4. Pam's instructor, DSM and MusickEd Partner Gary Feltner says "she's doing remarkably well, especially considering the short amount of time she's been studying." 

 Way to go Pam, we're proud of you. And keep up the great work!

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