Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Student Spotlight - Mia Ford

Mia Ford has been a student at The Dallas School of Music since 2004, that is, when her busy schedule isn't taking her away to Hollywood, Strasbourg, or any number of other fabulous locales.

The Ford's are a musical family. Mia began her musical training on piano but has more recently taken up the acoustic guitar. Mom Aileen is a noted jazz singer who studied at the University of North Texas, Mia's brother Austin plays cello and bass guitar, sister Madison (also an actress!) has played drums and electric bass and father Mike (who is fortunately a pilot!) has been learning guitar for a few years. 

Mia's busy travel and work schedule doesn't hinder her interest in learning music.  "Mia always has a smile and is completely focused on the task a hand during our sessions" says Eugene Cantera her teacher,  "and she's made great progress on guitar in just a short amount of time." 

"I'm hoping in the future that I might be both a successful actress and musician.  But in the mean time, it's just fun!"

Mia just finished a graduate film for Matthew Mercer at USC called "Your Wedding" and also starred as Maxine in "Wonderful World" with Matthew Broderick.  "That was a blast and it was filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana so it was closer to home than usual."

"I just got back from a Director's Session for a film with Robert Duvall called '7 Days in Utopia' and I think my chances are pretty good!"

Mia can be seen starring in her first feature-length film, a thriller titled Within where she plays Rachael, a "sweet girl with a troubled soul caused by a unique gift."   The movie will be shown on the Lifetime Channel July 31 at 8PM CT .  It will air again on the same station August 15th and August 20th.

Congratulations to Mia and the entire Ford family....and don't forget us little people!

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