Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

It was a terrific year of writing, interviewing, and making some great connections through our blog. Our #1 rated blog What's Wrong with Music Education? was a run-away winner because of the variety of feedback we received not only nationally but internationally as well.  Below are the top 10 DLP blogs of 2010 by number of visits, re-visits, re-posts and feedback from our readers. 

10The Mozart Effect: Finally Some Clarity  If you want music to sharpen your senses, boost your ability to focus and perhaps even improve your memory, you need to be a participant, not just a listener.

9. Improvise Like a 7 Year Old  You are 7 years old. School is canceled, and you have the entire day to yourself. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you see?

8. Meet Lisa Canning of Entrepreneur the Arts "Too often in the arts it is about what WE, as artists, want to accomplish and not about what WE CAN DELIVER to our audiences. Entrepreneurship makes this flip possible."

7.  MusickEd Plays a Role in MS Patients' Recovery  "I feel like the connections in my brain are being re-wired", Toni says "Steve and my friends in the support group have noticed too." 

6. How Not to Capture Learning Myth: if music education in school introduced kids to classical music early enough, we'd create younger audiences for the future. Fact: No it won't. 

5. Music to Our Ears - Bravo Phllip Ball!  But it will be a sad day when the only way to persuade educationalists to embrace music is via its side effects on cognition and intelligence.  

4. Charting Creativity Grab a timer and set it for one minute. Now list as many creative uses for a brick as you can imagine. Go. 

3. Create the Check Box What's our check box?  We are entrepreneurs in music education. Yes, you heard me right. I'll give you a moment to re-read that one more time. We're used to it.

2. The Other 80% Technology indeed has never been more important to music education, but if we strive only to reach that 20% - we will have sold ourselves very, very, short....again. 

1. What's Wrong with Music Education? It’s time to realize that music education is an amazing commodity. There is no shelf life, the rules will never change, and just about everyone would love to learn about music if the opportunity presented itself appealingly.

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