Saturday, March 19, 2011

Magic Johnson's Instrument of Choice? Bass.

When you hear the name Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr., the first thing that comes to mind is basketball. Yes Johnson is a former point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers with five NBA championships, three MVP awards, and an Olympic gold medal. But the basketball hall of famer is also a philanthropist and savvy businessman.

Thanks to Inc. Magazine and the amazing power of Twitter, we were able to ask Magic a question. We found out that he is passionate about 'good music' and if he could, bass would be his instrument of choice.  Here is our part of the interview:

@MusickEd asked from Twitter if you ever played an instrument or if you could play an instrument what would it be?

No, I haven't played an instrument. And I think it would be the bass because that's how you dance, to the bass. I'm the biggest music lover in the world. I mean I have seen everybody. I went on tour with Michael Jackson and the Jacksons four or five times. You name them, I've seen them and probably a hundred times too. So when you think about Magic Johnson and the thing that relaxes me or gets me going or gets me on that dance floor, it is just some good music. I still love to dance even though I can't do it as long as I used too. But that's one thing I'm really passionate about, good music.

Well Magic, today is your lucky day! Visit Discover, Learn, and Play and start learning - it's never too late! PS - We think you're OK even though we grew up as Celtic fans. All the best - MusickEd


ziggy said...

I too can relate to magic how you can be exposed to music by either listening or watching a performer playing an instrument and see what it does to you. Then answer that question which is of instrument of choice? I had to ask myself that question a month ago because I was not feeling piano fully. I put it aside thought to myself what instrument has moved me all my life and it was the saxophone. I really love the tenor sax but too heavy so I chose the Alto and I have learned so much and grown to appreciate what it takes to master and love what an artist does.

Eugene said...

Thanks for the comment Ziggy - It's apparent that Magic Johnson appreciates the hard work that goes in to learning and making music - much the same as learning skills like his on the court. PS - I hope you'll check out the Kore Series for alto sax at - it's a great music learning program if I do say so myself!