Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Music Teachers 911 Interview with Mike Finkel

Episodes #15 and #16 of Larry Marra's Podcasts are now available. Besides the great interview with's own Mike Finkel, Larry also includes some useful 'music teacher handbook' tips for educators of all kinds. Each podcast has 3 segments and if you happen to have a penchant for technology, composition and or recording, you will definitely enjoy the interview with Mr. Finkel.

Mike's interview begins where my episode (#13) leaves off by talking about the early days of and how we have evolved to our current state of software development. The Q and A continues with a discussion about 'sequential learning' and his own personal approach to composition as it applies to the music learning process.

If you are an arranger or composer, you won't want to miss Mike's list of specific gear, software and recording tools. He also addresses the artistic and educational processes he uses to create the literally thousands of tracks that comprise the MusickEd Kore Series and the Jazz Series - due out in 2009.



Phil S. Rule!! said...

By the way, the random photo is me (Mike) with Ingrid Michaelson and my friend Laura Jansen ( on the Hotel Cafe Fall Tour.

Nicholas Sanchez said...

Super cool!!!! Congrats on the interview, awesome to hear and congrats on the MusickEd progress as well!!!