Monday, October 20, 2008

Video Components Add Educational Punch to Software

As Tony and Joe put the finishing touches on the MusickEd Studios, the big cheese (Bob Lawrence) has been working on streamlining the recording processes for videos that will populate the Instrument and Lesson Support Centers at

The videos include both candid shorts, shot in private offices that show instrument specific concepts (like tonguing on saxophone or alternate fingerings on flute for example), all the way up to complete songs played along with the orchestrations. This allows users to both see and hear the material being performed and get instrument specific tips as well.

The lesson videos are recorded in our newly refurbished and painted studio, edited and uploaded fairly quickly as we continue to hone the process that our team members will follow. The sheer volume of material is overwhelming but because the Support Centers reside outside of the software (html based), we are able to upload the videos as they are produced and give instant access to our users. These will populate the Lesson Support Centers and be cross referenced in each Instrument Center along with any concept specific videos. The overall infrastructure of the site is incredibly important and thankfully left in the able hands of Mr. Detail himself, Dr. Bob.

The math and the sheer volume of material remains daunting; there are 9 songs in every Lesson and there are 20 Lessons in our Kore Series = 180. Our software is available for 37 instruments so that makes 6,660 videos. This number will ultimately grow to be well over 7,000 as we include the informal edu-videos that are instrument and concept specific.

The latest acquisition is a software product that helps make this entire process possible called Camtasia Studio. It's insanely easy to record videos, capture screen shots, edit and upload to the web very quickly. Camtasia is published by TechSmith who offer a wide variety of 'customer experience software' products.

Camtasia also makes it manageable to keep 7,000 videos and all their associated files organized. Individual folders for all 20 lessons and all 37 instruments have been pre-set (once again under the thoughtful and watchful eye of Dr. Bob Lawrence) so that as each video is recorded through the program, all files are instantly routed and saved to the correct folder.

No more time to write....I am off to start recording!

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